Our mission is to spread God's love in service to others!



Join us for Worship

 Through a combination of uplifting music, prayer and the solid, practical teaching of God's Word, we seek authentic and heart-felt worship  From that we experience our sense of community.  Worship transforms our lives and motivates us to serve.  To that end, we strive for worship that speaks to the whole person - mind, heart and body.  

Children are invited to come forward for the children's message during God's Word with Children, and then proceed to their Sunday School class.

Communion is shared monthly.  We believe that the bread and wine represent the sacrificial body and blood of Christ and recall the last meal shared with the apostles.  Together they symbolize the new covenant between God and all people.  We practice open communion, so all baptized Christians of any denomination are welcome to participate in communion.  We believe that the communion table belongs to Christ and not to any denomination.  It is Jesus who invites us all to the table, and so all followers of Christ are welcome to come to the table.

Immediately after worship, our Elders offer anyone who seeks individual specialized prayer an opportunity to pray with them privately.

Our services are followed by Coffee Hour where we share the fellowship with our faith community.

Sunday Schedule

Time of Centering/Prayer  10:00 AM

Worship Service   11:00 AM

Coffee Hour   12:00 PM



We celebrate the Lord’s supper once a month usually on the first Sunday of the Month. The Lord’s Supper, also known as Communion, is also celebrated on Christmas Eve, Maundy Thursday, and Easter Sunday. Here at First Presbyterian church we believe that all who claim Jesus as Lord and Savior may share in the feast regardless if they are a member, regular visitor, or guest, this includes baptized children. The Lord’s Supper is usually served in the pews by passing the trays to one another symbolizing the “priesthood of all believers”. Once in a while we serve the Lord’s supper by way of intinction, where people come forward to the Table to receive the elements of Christ’s body and blood, breaking off a piece of bread and dipping into the cup, symbolizing that we are all members of the one body of Christ. The bread we use is common ordinary loaves of bread and the cup is filled with grape juice instead of wine. 




The Sacrament of Holy Baptism

One of the great joys of our faith, baptism is a powerful sign and symbol of the inclusive love and grace of God.  Baptism is a declaration of our hope and confidence in God's forgiveness and redemption.

This sacrament unites us with Jesus Christ and makes us members of God's family, the church.  For Presbyterians, baptism in an initiation into the church community, the fulfillment of a commandment from Christ.  Candidates for Holy Baptism at First Presbyterian Church include the following:  

1.  Infants or children born to members or prospective members of the congregation.

2.  Adults who, after adequate preparation and instruction, declare their faith in Jesus Christ and their desire for baptism.

Consultation with the pastor about baptism is available upon request.





Service Music

Service music is provided weekly  by Music Director, Patsy Ihrke.  All the music and anthems performed offer a sampling of all tyes of religious music.  Our beautiful pipe organ and versatile Clavinova enhance whatever type of music we perform.

Most of our choir members are not trained musicians so we possess different levels of musical knowledge.  The one thing we truly have in common is our love of Christ.  No matter how well we perform, the most important thing is to sing and play from our heart because that is what makes the true music to God's ears.  And THAT is what makes the music at First Presbyterian Church of Itasca so special!

Good News Ringers



Pipe Organ



Spirit Led


Our Contemporary Worship Band provides music for contemporary services quarterly.