Our mission is to spread God's love in service to others!

Christian Education

Sunday School

We believe the Children and Youth of our church are a vital part of our faith community at First Presbyterian Church of Itasca.  W provide Christian education, have some fun, and nurture and help them grow into young men and women.  We firmly believe the children of our congregation are the "next generation", so we work hard to make Sunday School and other youth activities fun and exciting so the kids want to come to church.

We offer church school for all ages 4 years old through high school.  Our goal is to provide effective and quality Christian Education to all ages.  During church school, the children are taught lessons using the bible about God, Jesus, and how to lead a good moral life.  Students begin worship with their family at 11:00 AM, then after God's Word with Children, the children go to their individual classrooms.  They rejoin their families at Coffee Hour at 12:15 PM.

The safety of your child is important to us!  All our  Christian Education Teachers, Elders, Deacons, and Staff are required to pass a background check (national criminal/sex offender).



Confirmation is offered every other year for 7th and 8th graders.  Confirmation is an opportunity for the youth to further explore their faith and decide if they are ready to become a member of the Presbyterian Church.



Christmas Pageant

Christmas at the First Presbyterian Church always finds the youth of our church presenting a Christmas Program.

Heifer Project

Heifer Project is spearheaded by the children and youth of the First Presbyterian Church of Itasca.  The children raise money to purchase cows, rabbits, sheep and other livestock animals and plants to give to families in need in the USA and around the world.  All individuals who receive an animal from Heifer Project promise to give the first offspring of the animal they received to another individual or family in need in their community.  This is truly a way to "pay it forward" and the children learn a valuable lesson in giving to those in need.

Youth Sunday

Each year, the youth and children of the congregation lead an entire worship service, with the exception of the sermon, delivered by our Pastor.

Serving in Worship Service

Children who can read have the opportunity to be liturgist during worship service and participate in dramatic readings.  On various Sundays during the year, the children and youth of our congregation all participate in service by reciting the 23rd Psalm, the Apostles' Creed or singing songs.  

Palm Sunday

The children and youth lead the Palm Sunday procession by distributing Palms at the start of the service, then waving palms as Jesus enters the sanctuary on a donkey.

Coffee Hour

The children learn how to foster fellowship by serving as Coffee Hour hosts on special occasions.

Men's Breakfast Bible Study

Men's Breakfast Bible Study is a small group of men who meet at Bentley's restaurant in Wood Dale every Thursday at 6:00 AM.  

We meet, greet, eat, relate, pray and discuss a Bible topic.  The group's goal is to incorporate topics discussed into each individual's faith journey.  We are not a "holy huddle", we're simply men discussing issues of life and supporting one another.

You need not be a member of our church to attend our group.  Our discussions are open, but what is said in the group, stays in the group.  Members respect the opinions, views and ideas of each other, and all try to "walk our talk" with Christ.  We are accountable to each other and feel that God's words feed our spirits.



Bible Reading


Adults join together as Pastor Michele leads us in reading the Bible.   Our goal is to strengthen our knowledge of God through Scripture. We meet on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at 7 pm at the Church.   Come as you are!