Welcome to First Presbyterian Church of Itasca

A Community Neighbor for Over 125 Years

The First Presbyterian Church of Itasca is an active group of believers who meet to celebrate Christ and serve local and non-local communities through mission and fellowship activities.

The Vision of the First Presbyterian Church of Itasca is to be a light in our neighborhood, a community of believers, inviting all to come, reflect, recharge and rejoice in Christ’s liberating word.

Our church was founded in 1885 in a railroad boxcar when Itasca was the end of the Milwaukee Rail Line.  Throughout  the years, the congregation has been a light in the neighborhood, proclaiming the gospel, supporting missions both locally and abroad, providing Christian education to children and adults, and offering fellowship opportunities, not only to members of the church, but  to the community as well.  Our church is its people- praying, working, laughing, learning, and sometimes crying,.. but always together.